Brightest Flashlight Free App

flashlight app


Tired of the free app flashlights that promise a bright light and instead produces a dim glow that would’t even be able to help you find the keyhole? This app by far has the brightest light of any flashlight app we have used.

We even tested it out in our rather creepy attic and surprised how well we could see (though some things are better left unseen!) Just for sake the handiness factor of always having a flashlight on hand give this app a try.



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Skype App

skype app

Ok we are late in the game, we have been using Skype on our desktop/laptop forever but have now finally tried out the Skype app. We must admit we have a love/hate relationship with it.

On our Apple devices we love, love, love the video quality and the app rarely crashes. However on our Android devices we cannot seem to make a call that lasts more than 3 minutes that doesn’t crash on us and do not get us started on the video quality!

Our recommendation? If you have an Apple device there are not many apps that can provide the video quality Skype does for free but if you are an Android device skip it until it has been fixed (unless your a fan of frustration lol)

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Fun Run App

fun run app

Cute characters + simple but fun racing game = great way to waste a little time. The Fun Run App allows you to play this multi-player racing game with your friends or random players from around the world.

You are able to earn coins to be able to customize your character although slowly.(You can take the shortcut and just pay for the customizations although we didn’t find it was worth it) We found the load times to be a bit lengthy on some Android devices but seemed to load with no problems on our Apple devices.


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Ruzzle App

ruzzle app

We are hooked on this fast paced word game! The brain workout it gives trying to find the connecting words as fast as possible is great. Our only complaint is that when playing a random player it does not have a time limit for the other player to play their round.

Currently we have been waiting for 42 hours for our opponent to play their round! Unfortunately this problem also seems to exist on the paid version too. While it’s a ton of fun to play it definitely requires some patience :(

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RunKeeper App

runkeeper app

Would you like a personal trainer without the cost? The RunKeeper App can do just that! Just plug in your weight and goal and it will give you a personalized fitness plan, no gym membership required.

A coach will encourage you to stick to a pace as you workout (running, walking, biking) and when you finish a workout it will give you a complete breakdown of your stats, distance speed, even calories burned. You can even sync this app with your Facebook page and challenge your friends to some virtual competition! This free app is a winner in our book for sure.

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Lose It! App

weight loss app
This year we all made the resolution that we are going to lose weight and eat healthier (past February!) So we got to work finding the best apps to make it easier. This app is Sarah’s favorite pick because it makes it so easy to track both food and fitness.

Just use the easy to navigate database to log your meals and the app automatically updates your target calorie count according to how many calories you have burned through exercise. It even features a bar code scanner that lets you scan the bar code on food packages and records the calorie information!

Download the free Lose It! App for Android

Download the free Lose It! App for Apple

Netflix App


netflix app


Many of us have “cut the cord” and choose not to use traditional cable anymore which makes Netflix invaluable for watching our favorite TV series or that must see movie. Now they have upped the convenience ante and have introduced the Netflix app that allows you to access your account and stream movies instantly anywhere you go. (While both the Apple and Android version are free they do require a monthly subscription to their service.)

Download Netflix for Android - Click Here

Download Netflix App for Apple - Click Here

Bad Piggies App

Bad Piggies App for Android and Apple

We had finally gotten over our Angry Birds addiction when along came Angry Birds 2. After playing that into oblivion we promised ourselves we were done with Angry Birds for good! Then the good people at Rovio Entertainment just had to bring us back for more with Bad Piggies and much to our dismay it is even better than Angry Birds! How are we ever going to get anything done again?! Although we are disappointed that it does not support the new iPhone 5 and they charge $.99 on iTunes while the Android version is free we all agree there is no better way to waste an hour or ten :)

Download for Android (free) -Bad Piggies for Android

Download for Apple ($.99) – Bad Piggies for Apple

Pinterest App

Are you an avid pinner? Never pinned a board in your life? The Pinterest app makes it simple for both beginners and pros to pin, re-pin and browse wherever you are. We really appreciate the large pictures (after all that what we are there for right?), easy navigation, and the ability to pin while we are browsing. Whether you are planning your wedding, your new living room, or your next vacation Pinterest will have tons of ideas and with the Pinterest app you can have them anytime at your fingertips!

Download the Pinterest app for Android

Download the Pinterest app for iPhone

Slacker Radio App

If you would like a personalized radio experience this app is for you! You can create your own station from your choice of millions of songs in the Slacker radio music library and well as live sports, comedy, ESPN radio, ABC news and more. Don’t feel like picking? This app also gives you the option choose to listen to one of the over 150 genre stations.

We also liked the artists bios but wish that complete lyrics were included in the free version. While everyone agreed this app had awesome features not found in other radio apps those of us who were using the Android version had noticed some bugs since the latest update.

Download Slacker Radio App for Android

Download Slacker Radio App for iPhone